A Small Triumph (and Other Things)

Finally, I can string together a group of coherent thoughts in order to make a larger one.  Truth be told, there’s not much method to my writing madness.  Most times I simply sit down in front of the keyboard, let the thoughts stream out, then edit and organize on the fly.  This past week, however, my body was ravaged by a virus that left me thinking about other, more immediate needs, such as relative distance to a bathroom and monitoring my body temperature.

Show flyer for "Armed and ..." at The Lens Capsule

Show flyer for “Armed and …” at The Lens Capsule

At this point, the sickness is relatively behind me.  I’m still feeling a little weak physically, but mentally I’m back at form (which isn’t much to brag about, but it suits my purposes).  So here we go…

I had my first post-graduation show earlier this month (11 March) as part of an opening at Houston’s Lawndale Art Center.  The opening was in conjunction with FotoFest 2016, which opened the same night.  My little opening happened in an alternative space called The Lens Capsule.  Emily Peacock and Britt Thomas (co-founders and curators) make up The Lens Capsule.  What they do is work with established art spaces in Houston to bring in a rented moving truck in order to exhibit a new artist.  The artist’s work is installed in the moving truck and guests can go right inside to view the work.  It provides great initial exposure to those just getting started in their artistic endeavors.

The work I had on display was from my “Armed and …” series (click here and here to view).  It wasn’t my first time as an artist on display, but it was my first solo show, and being the center of attention was something to which I was unaccustomed.  A lot of people wanted to speak with me after seeing the work, and I was happy to oblige, but nervous at the same time.  All in all, I met a lot of great people that night and received a lot of great feedback from both critics and the public.  This is definitely an experience I can use going forward.  Now I just have to update that CV…

In terms of the stream of consciousness, I briefly thought about issuing a “fuck you” in a not-so-subtle message to an anonymous person out there.  If this person is reading this, then the fact I had a show is “fuck you” enough.  No more words need to be said on that subject.

Installation of "Armed and ..." in The Lens Capsule

Installation of “Armed and …” in The Lens Capsule

My wedding anniversary was a night later.  22 years is another small triumph.  It offsets the 2 openings and 2 concerts I had to miss this past week.

At this point, I have a week’s worth of work (both artistic and non-) which needs to be accomplished.  Digging out of the backlog won’t be fun, but it will be worth it at the end.  I will be chatting with you again sooner rather than later.


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