Untaken – 18 Jan 2017

Untaken - 18 Jan 2017

There is no doubt that the larger world can be a scare place.  Leaving the (relative) safety of our dwellings and workplaces can be a stressful thing.  The dangers lie not in just the obvious big things, e.g. crime, car accidents, etc., but also in the little unseen things, i.e. germs.  Any place where large […]

Untaken – 27 September 2014

Untaken - 27 September 2014

A few months ago I was at a music festival called “Building Temples From Death Fest” here in Houston. It’s an all day death metal show featuring bands from around the United States (and sometimes from outside our fair nation) that’s been going for 4 years now. I was there to photograph for my “Houston […]

Untaken – 31 March 2013

Untaken - 31 March 2013

My wife and I are at a friend’s house for a combination birthday and Easter celebration. I was sitting in a chair and reading a message that had come through on my phone. Suddenly, 2 young girls run loudly by me. I looked up at the distraction. While the perpetrators of this disturbance were long […]

Untaken – 29 March 2013

Untaken - 29 March 2013

I have a relative in the hospital right now.  He’s fighting an infection, the source of which the doctors can’t quite nail down.  I just found out today that he has been in the hospital for the past 3 days.  He was asleep when we got there, but his wife was there with him.  My […]

Untaken – 7 Feb 2013

Untaken - 7 Feb 2013

I was driving home this evening, having cursed myself for missing the exit.  In my defense, the normal exit has been moved for construction and the signage is a little off from the norm.  Ultimately, though, I should have been paying attention to the signs.  Not only did that cost me a little more gas, […]