My Most Recent Show

My second show after graduation was a success.  There was a large turnout for the show and many stopped and looked with great interest at my installation.  All of the other artists hung their work in a salon style.  Mine was the only work that had a conceptual theme with the work.  I’m not saying they were wrong to go with a salon style, I just was a little taken back at the way my work stood out.


My installation (click to embiggen)

As you can see from the previous post, I did end up tweaking the installation a little bit.  I decided to go with a longer horizontal element.  It gives a little more balance to the overall composition, as well as giving a subtle hint of that most important of heavy metal iconography known as the pentagram.  I also went with larger prints of the bigger elements.  My goal was to get the same size as a vinyl sleeve, but unfortunately I am unable to print that large on my own.  The larger prints ended up being 13″ x 13″, just short of a vinyl sleeve.  A lot of the viewers seemed amazed at the use of CD jewel cases for the smaller prints.  Most thought it was very innovative.  At the time I came up with the idea, I didn’t think of it as innovative, but I do appreciate the compliment.  I had thought about putting CD’s inside the jewel cases, but by the time that idea came to me, I realized I wasn’t going to have time to curate the selections properly.

The goal with the jewel case frames was twofold.  First, I wanted the prints to be small so that people would actually have to go in close to view the images.  Heavy metal is not a musical genre with a high tolerance of casual fans.  One normally must be fully engaged with the music in order to fully appreciate it.  Here I wanted to pull in the viewer in order to full see the image in front of them.  The second reason, which I touched on in a previous post, was because of the importance of physical media to the fans.  Heavy metal fans still purchase physical media more often than digital media.  This reference to the CD is a nod to that importance.

The use of iconography in the larger prints puts forth the public image of heavy metal.  The inverted cross display, also a use of iconography, was arranged to explore the ritual that is a heavy metal show.  To this end, I specifically chose black metal and occult-oriented death metal acts.

In front of my installation. Photo by Jazmin Galindo Hull. (click to embiggen)

In front of my installation. Photo by Jazmin Galindo Hull. (click to embiggen)

That was the thinking behind the most recent installation of my work.  I ended up leaving it up for a week.  It was sad to take it down, but I knew the show had to end sometime.  I am pretty proud of what I accomplished with this installation, and I’m already toying with ideas for the next show, which, if I’m invited, will be in October.

I’m definitely not complaining about the opportunity to add to my CV.

To see other works from the show, check out the images on the Feral Noise Facebook page by clicking here (Facebook login required).

In other news, I am excited to report that I have been making significant progress on another artistic portrait endeavor.  The project has evolved a little bit.  I found, quite by accident (or serendipity), that the new direction is offering much more in terms of my conceptual vision.  I am slowly acquiring images and hope to share these soon on the main website.  I’m also looking at answering a CFE (call-for-entry) for a gallery in Vermont.  I’ll have more details on that in a later post.

To all of you, my faithful and not-so-faithful readers, I bid you good evening as the sandman is calling.  If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below.  I would enjoy your feedback as well.

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