The Latest Toy

On 21 April I picked up the pinhole optic for my Lensbaby Composer.  Unfortunately, 21 April was also the middle of the end-of-semester crunch, which hasn’t left me much time to play with my new toy.  I’m happy to report at this point I have 1 more project component left for my Art History class (which will be done later today) and only 1 more exam left this semester.  Today I was going to do some serious playing with it, but got caught up in work-related duties, but I’m happy to report that I did take a few photos of the same subject while experimenting with different exposures and tilts of the optic.  Here is what I think was the best photo:

Click to Embiggen

Since the pinhole itself is literally a hole, I quickly realized that tilting the Lensbaby wasn’t really going to give me a “sweet spot.” Turning the focusing ring gave me a little bit of zoom, but no change in focus because there is no glass.  Given that the sheer curtains diffuse the light, the softening effects from the optic were seemingly intensified, for an overall softness that, to me at least, reminds me of the morning mind fog after you have opened your eyes fully from a sound sleep.  Please don’t mind the 2 spots on the photo – it looks like I may have a little dust on the sensor.   It has been a while since I’ve cleaned it.

I’m thinking I’m going to have a lot of fun with this optic if I can get an opportunity to play with it some more.  New toys can be so much fun!

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