Wherefore art thou, Richard Custer?

I’ve been here, but a bit inactive as of late.  I’ve been a little inactive in writing as well as creating art.  My activity has experienced an uptick as of late, but not really enough to have anything to put out there.  The long of the short of it is that I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut with my work and am slowly climbing out of it.  It’s taken (and is taking) a little perseverance, but I’m getting there.  I also just read this article over at Medium.com, which seems to have kicked me in the ass a little bit (I’d say this post is evidence of that).

I’ve started work on a digital art piece that’s going to require a full year to complete.  It’s going to take a full year because I can only add to it a small element each day.  It’s not a choice, it’s just the nature of the project.  I was inspired by a piece I saw on Twitter, where the artist used only a period of one month.  I’m not sure how this will turn out aesthetically as it’s more of a personal piece, but I am learning something about myself from the piece and the process.  Just what comes out of that new knowledge will remain to be seen.  The piece will be unveiled after the beginning of February 2018 after I examine and make refinements to the individual elements for consistency.  I may mess with the colors a little as well, but the elements and their placement will not be touched otherwise.

My friends in Desecrate The Faith have a new album, entitled “Unholy Infestation,” dropping in early March.  I was privileged (and more than slightly honored) to be asked by them to do the photography for the album.  This is one of the images I can show at this time:

From left to right – Tyler Shiery, Mike Caputo, John Hull, Coleson Cowden, Jonathan Bayliss

The other images for the album will be released with the album, but I’m very proud of the work I did for them.  I was also able to sit in on the recording sessions with them.  That in itself was a hell of an experience.  I had an idea of how albums were made, but this really showed the hard work that goes into creating an album before the CD’s are ever made.  Those photos can be seen here.

In terms of death metal, this album is going to make an impact on the genre’s landscape, and will be a model for other bands to follow.  Seeing my name in the liner notes is already surreal, but given the impact I’m sure this album is going to have, the level of surreal (for me) is off the charts.

I’ve been reading a lot, though, and it has helped keep my mind turning through this rut.  I’ve also acquired some equipment to help with another project on which I’m working.  I just need to get off my ass and make use of it.

As for now, this concludes the latest update.  I know it’s short by my blog entry standards, but never fear.  I am currently structuring a new post that will outline some things I’ve been thinking about in relation to some of my concert images.  Look for that within the next day or 2.

PS – If you’re into death metal, do yourself a favor and check out the first promo single from “Unholy Infestation.” You won’t be sorry.


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