Site Update

Looks like integration is here with this blog.  I have officially switched over to the Facebook commenting engine for this blog.  I had recently adopted a captcha system that was much more difficult to crack than previous systems, but cracked now it is.  I have been receiving an increasing number of emails per day trying to get spam posts through to the blog.  Frankly, it’s becoming a hassle to have to wade through these spams every day.  I hope you all understand that this is actually a good thing as it could drive discussions on the topics I discuss in my blogs.  I know a good number of my readers find out about new entries through their own Facebook feeds, and using this system to comment will cut down on the hassle caused by posting a comment.  Really, it’s a win for everyone.  I appreciate your patience and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Hopefully it's blue skies for this blog

Hopefully it’s blue skies for this blog

PS –  If you don’t want your comments to show up on Facebook, remember to uncheck the “Post to Facebook” box below the comment box.

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