The Decompression Chamber

This semester went by very slowly and very fast at the same time.  The amount of work I did this past semester exceeded my expectations (and initial cost estimates).  At least I had football to keep me grounded.  The UH Cougars went 8-4 while the Houston Texans…  well, let’s just say they’ve seen better seasons.

The semester, at least for us art school undergrads not in a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or Art History program, ended this week.  I turned my final video project in on Tuesday, while my Portfolio Development course effectively ended for me on November 20.  On the day prior, I submitted my portfolio for review in seeking acceptance into the BFA Photography/Digital Media program here at UH.  I am happy to report that I have been accepted and will start those classes in approximately 6 weeks.

I know I should avoid hyperbole, but the pace at which my activity level picked up in the month prior to the review seemed exponential.  Each day for the 2 weeks leading up to the day found me at the photo lab 5 nights a week taking care of things for the review.

So here I now find myself just bleeding off the stress.  Soon I’ll be rested (sleep was not a priority in November) and ready to start, what I am told, is a much more demanding series of course.  To this I say, “bring it on!” Just let me get some sleep first.

It's the day after my semester ends, and I still can't seem to stop studying.

It’s the day after my semester ends, and I still can’t seem to stop studying.

For other viewing pleasures, the following was my submission for my final video project:

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